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Cinderella Moon, DVD

Cinderella Moon, DVD

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A new feature film based on the first telling of the Cinderella story from ancient China.

Set in ancient China, a family-based society that only valued boys, Cinderella Moon takes one of the world's most beloved fairy tales back to its original Chinese roots... allowing us to discover a story we thought we knew... and its uplifting, ironically contemporary moral... that a girl's highest purpose goes way beyond finding prince charming.

According to a film review in Variety, Cinderella Moon is...
"A richly told girl-power fantasy... a strikingly lensed fairy tale as magical as its picturesque design... the rare movie practically guaranteed to enchant tots and parents alike. Cinderella Moon weds the comfort of the recognizable with the delights of the unexpected. Aside from its sheer entertainment value, the film pushes a strong feminist element that's especially timely. Most audiences are unlikely to grasp initially that the director is American, as Sinophile Bowen and his Chinese colleagues have taken enormous care to ensure a level of authenticity while allowing for plenty of fantasy elements to capture the imagination in exquisite ways. Casting is exemplary, boasting a felicitous mix of pros and amateurs who have fun with their roles while refraining from hamming. Visuals are a treat, featuring stunning onsite shooting and some first-rate visual effects, expertly interlaced with actual locales."

Written, Produced and Directed by Richard Bowen.
DVD (NTSC), 95 minutes
Languages: Mandarin with English subtitles; Mandarin without subtitles; English (dubbed)

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